Welcome to the world of Rebekka NOTKIN Jewellery

Rebekka Notkin refines exclusive bespoke jewellery in her magical atelier in Copenhagen’s foremost gallery street, Bredgade, where clients experience an alluring world of wonderment.
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NOMAD - also for men

Bring yourself, no matter where you go

"The NOMAD collection is inspired by all the nomads having to rethink their lives these years, where the world is changing rapidly."
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Fine Jewellery

Rebekka NOTKIN’s fine jewellery designs beckon the eye, uniting style and function in all-embracing unity. Rendered with soft, natural curves, the pieces showcase carefully selected gemstones melded with precious materials to conjure a new vision of classic jewellery.
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Graphic art prints by Rebekka Notkin – “My woodcut and linocut compositions are inspired by shadow plays. The handcut motifs seek to explore the balance between impression and expression.” Art prints are available in limited editions from the studio in Copenhagen. Each numbered artwork is signed by Rebekka Notkin.
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CARVED Midnight – Added to the CARVED Collection

"I have drawn inspiration for the CARVED series from the art of bas-relief, which with only slight differences in projection from the background surface gives an illusion of depth and space."
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Honey, I’m home!

The fine jewellery designer, Rebekka Notkin, lives with her family and their dog in a traditional 19th century house with an old garden at Frederiksberg within biking distance of the Rebekka NOTKIN Atelier and Boutique.
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“My philosophy in life as well as in my craft”
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Copenhagen is my city. This is where I live and work, this is where my son and daughter go to school, and this I where I meet with friends at restaurants, bars and cafes, and where I stroll through parks and along the harbour.
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