Opening 6. October 2022


SILVER TALES – Karen Blixen” at Rungstedlund

Karen Blixen Museum, Rungsted Strandvej 11, Rungsted, Denmark

My Contribution to SILVER TALES, opening at Karen Blixen Museum October 2022  is ´Terrior´.  It is an interpretation of the long “pearl sautoir” Karen Blixen often wore and has become an iconic characteristic of her.

The ´Terroir´ consists of 15 unique “pearls”. Each with its own distinct fingerprint imprinted on the upper side, as if they were made of terracotta; burnt earth. The “pearls” are put together with a series of identical links, which form a slim and elegant chain.

My piece is inspired by Karen Blixen’s description of the culture and wild nature that she experienced in the highlands around the farm at Ngong in the years 1914 – 1931. She describes the colors and vegetation in the landscape around the farm as dry and burnt, like the color in a potter’s craftmanship, thus the reference to the “pearls” made in uneven shapes, which could be made of burnt earth and tied around the neck. – In the ´Terroir´ the burnt earth is refined in precious metals and with the long, slender expression that characterizes the “Charleston pearl necklaces” from the 1920s