“The most valued and treasured heirlooms have always been art and jewellery – and not least the combination of the two. Beautiful, handcrafted fine jewellery not only represents economic and sustainable value due to the expensive materials but also artistic and aesthetic value that stands the test of time.

With my Rebekka NOTKIN Jewellery you get timeless yet modern handcrafted pieces that can stand alone or be paired with others. The eternal inspiration is Art Deco, but the final result is always uniquely Rebekka NOTKIN Jewellery’s with a soft, almost sensual surface that urges the wearer to touch as well as to look – e.g. my ‘Darling’-collection which won Jewellery Collection of the Year at ELLE Style Awards 2017 – no matter if the material is solid gold, pearls, jade or corals.

I believe in mutual respect as a core for humanity. And all my materials are from certified and controlled mining and fishing, and handpicked by me, as well as all points of contact for my clients are with me. That way I know exactly what should be your first or your next piece of jewellery, from the Rebekka NOTKIN collections or bespoke, making it an even more treasured heirloom.

Every single item of my Rebekka NOTKIN Jewellery collections is handmade in my small boutique and atelier in Bredgade in the creative heart of Copenhagen known for its art dealers, Danish Modern design shops and auction houses. My interior reflects me and my aesthetics with wallpapers and curtains in rich colors and qualities, subtle antiques and modern design lamps. And while the Royal Danish Guard passes my window every day at 12 AM, time stands still inside; making sure that everything is made with love and patience. Here, in the special scent of noble metals and precious stones, I work with every piece to make it perfect and bring the otherwise dead materials come to life.

To me a piece of jewellery is not just an outwards signal about style, beauty and exclusivity but also of everyday magic, sensuality, tactility, selfworth and selfrespect. Values and lessons of life that I wish to pass on to my loved ones for generations to come.”