New collection of fine jewellery

 Crafted by hand in 18k gold at Rebekka Notkin Jewellery Atelier


SHORE is a tribute to life by the sea.

The wondrous mix of energy and slowness. And beauty. Beauty above all. The boat that elegantly cuts through the water.
The sail and the rope, bleached by the sun and hardened by the salt.The travel bag packed with hat, gold jewellery and a worn book.
The lapping of waves and shouts of joy. A game of chess in the shade to the song of the cicadas, an ice-cold drink at sunset, a close dance under the full moon.




I love the idea of getting on a boat on a day when the wind is perfect, the sail unfurls and the world is full of beauty. It was from that image that I created SHORE.” – Rebekka Notkin


SHORE is crafted by hand by Rebekka Notkin at the atelier in Bredgade, Copenhagen