Hotel Sanders




Oddly enough, local Copenhageners usually don’t go to hotel bars and restaurants the way the tradition is in the rest of the World. But this changed when former Royal Ballet principal dancer Alexander Kølpin opened up Sanders. The ambiance is at the same time both international and local, both opulent and discreet, and I simply love to go there! Sanders is the perfect choice no matter the time of day; I can go have breakfast on my way to work, I will go for an unformal lunch with business contacts, or end the night with friends until way past midnight having drinks in the cocktail bar, Tata – named after the red velvet curtain at the Royal Theater around the corner. The interior is wonderfully bohemian and exclusive. You are likely to meet me there having a Moroccan Salad with burrata on the side and a big glass of cold white wine.



Hotel Sanders. Tordenskjoldsgade 15, 1055 Copenhagen K